Upcoming Content

I’m going to do this regularly to help keep myself accountable to… myself. Here’s a list of the first few things I’ll be publishing.

  1. Resources Page – A living source of interesting, useful, and amusing resources.
  2. Podcast Trailer – What it’s about. What to expect. Why it will be worth your time.
    • Let’s Talk About Dopamine – Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that functions as a “reward system” for your body. People with ADHD have shortages of dopamine in key circuits within their brains. This results in other neurons firing when they don’t need to. What this feels like for people with ADHD. What behavior results from this? How do we counter it?
  3. Communicating Clearly – How to compose yourself and your ideas in a world saturated with communication channels. How our limited working memory initiates bad habits and how to get ahead of those by giving yourself the attention you need to capture the ideas you want to communicate first.

Ideas To Explore

  • The Anxiety That Comes with ADHD
  • Leading Teams and Projects
  • Learn to Prioritize Everything
  • Working Sessions vs Working Days
  • Breaking Focus and Motivation Walls

I’ll probably write more things and you might just want to read those too.

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