My Own Oddssey

“A journey is a person itself; no two are alike.”

— John Steinbeck

Not many people are able to develop both breadth and depth in their careers. Most who try many things, never have the chance to dive deep and develop true expertise. Those who stay focused on a single path tend to operate with fewer tools in their tool box.

I’ve been told (consistently) that I’m an exception.

I started my career in digital marketing, just as social media started to explode. I quickly branched beyond marketing and into the world of shaping digital presences. At that time, most successful companies were integrating their products with their online presences or building digital products.

I spent several years in an agency setting leading cross-functional teams to help enterprise-level clients build new products, features, and experiences for their customers. During that time, I wore a second hat as the lead of a new team focused on helping clients shape and implement data-driven strategies to drive audience and revenue growth.

I got to a point where I realized the work I loved doing most was product work. I decided to test myself by going in-house and taking more end-to-end ownership over a product and I never looked back.


Product Leadership

Product Positioning

Cross-functional leadership

SaaS and PaaS


Programs and Operations


Go To Market

B2B, B2C, and B2B2C

Open Source

Data and Analysis

Customer Activation

Product Strategy


General Batman-ing

Recent Accomplishments

Woo Express

As the product lead, I worked with multiple cross-discipline teams and across business units to create a managed e-commerce platform built on open source software.

This was a true end to end product build that spanned from initial onboarding through launch and is being used by thousands of new merchants every day.

Blaze Self Serve Ads Platform

I worked with a cross-functional team to take a proof of concept and integrate it into a large product ecosystem. This included identify relevant points of entry, and integrating with other native features like reporting, notifications, and content management.

In addition to driving the product experience and integration to launch, I owned the launch marketing and supporting efforts focused on driving adoption. This feature was tracking to generate close to figures of new revenue in 2024.

Other Recent and Notable Initiatives:

  • Own and shape an experience for developers on that we can use to stand up in the developer hosting market.
  • Unique product experiences for users with intent to build specific types of sites. e.g. create a store, link in bio site, etc.
  • Repositioning our higher end hosting solutions for a more relevant audience.
  • Earning consideration for in juxtaposition with key competitors.

What I Love To Do

  1. Solve hard problems that matter.
  2. Craft products and experiences that make an impact.
  3. Leading talented teams to do their best work.
  4. Help real people discover products that make their lives better.

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