What I look for

Time is incredibly valuable to me and I like to ensure that I make a meaningful impact in anything I take on. That being said, I look for opportunities meet some core criteria.


Vision and alignment

Do you have a vision that inspires your team and guides your company?


Customer Focused

Do you know who your customers are and understand their needs, wants, and frustrations?


Market Opportunity

Do you have a realistic understanding of your market and your product’s position in it?


Interesting problems

Do you face complex problems critical to your company’s growth?

I can help you …

Position products

Unblock and unlock Teams

Activate users

Grow your teams

Increase market share

Plan high impact GTM

Develop and adopt processes

Ship more and more often

Grow revenue

Execute more effectively

Understand your users

Scale quality

How I Engage

Board Member and/or Advisor

I love helping startups with promising products get up mountains and past plateaus.

Whether it’s about pivoting, accelerating product development, shaping the right go-to-market strategy, or leveling up the product to drive growth, I can help.

Fractional Leadership

Fractional roles allow you to bring in experienced leaders to level up your team and move your company forward. It’s a great option for founders who are trying to do too much but aren’t ready to start building a full executive team.

Product-Focused Consulting

Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes and honest feedback. What’s better, is when that comes with come clear and actionable advice to help your team make smart decisions about how to move forward.

Want to chat?

Reach Out

“What do you charge?”

I believe that focus and energy are more valuable than time, so I charge based on variables like:

  • How interesting the opportunity/challenge is.
  • How mature the company/team I’m working with is.
  • The state of the product/service that we’re working on.
  • The goals my partner is looking to achieve.

Learn more about my pricing model here.

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