To Live Boldly

I’m actually having a lot of fun with this whole #Bloganuary thing. that’s me as a writer and general person, not even me as the guy working on the team who put it together. Today’s prompt “above” is “What does it mean to live boldly?”.

I think of being bold as having confidence in knowing what you want and not being afraid of the decisions you make. Living boldly to me then means you’re maintaining awareness of what you want and actively making decisions to get you there.

I mentioned in my comfort zone post that our family makes a lot of changes all of the time, and I think being willing to make changes frequently is half of what living boldly means.

The other half, I think comes down to your resilience and commitment to the decisions you’re making. You can’t sit on an idea and never make a decision. You can’t backtrack on a decision because you’re worried about what others will think. You can’t avoid pursuing what you want out of the fear of what you might lose.


I am fully aware that I used a Star Trek featured image. I love Star Wars and I’ll always pick it over Star Trek but, they’ve owned the whole “to boldy go…” thing for a long time and you need to give credit where credit is due.

I’ll probably write more things and you might just want to read those too.

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